Arzaq - Egypt

Arzaq is a passion project in Egypt geared towards improving women's lives by providing them with work, income, and guidance on how to be a positive impact at home and in society.

My role was to come up with the concept for the story for this video, film, direct, and edit it.


EXPO2020 - Unique Quality Products - Ghana

Unique Quality Products Ghana has revived a type of crop called Fonio to provide women in Akra, Ghana with income and land ownership, something unheard of before.

My role was to provide the storyboard for the DOP on the grounds, and to edit the content once it got to Dubai.


EXPO2020 - Sustainability Examples - Seychelles

The Seychelles is thought to be the last standing paradise on earth, and for a very good reason. The government in the Seychelles realizes that nature is the main thing they offer, so they put in a lot of efforts to preserve it.

My role was to come up with the concept, film, direct, and edit.